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Possible Endocarditis?


I think this is completely the wrong group but did not know where else to post!

I am 20 year old male who does not drink / smoke / do drugs etc.

Upon inhaling deeply I get a minor pain (more discomfort) in my left side upper chest that can also been felt in my back. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now.

Also I have noticed that I seem to be getting quite a few splinter haemorrhages lately, with 4 of them at the moment.

I also had a discomfort around my spleen area for a couple of weeks however this seems to have cleared up.

Should I be worrying at all? Starting to worry I have bacterial endocarditis!

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Hi, I don't think anyone on this forum can give you any reassurance nor advice, you need to see your doctor as soon as possible, please do not delay as this would delay effective treatment, should it be endocarditis. At least get it ruled out,

Best wishes CD

Please go to your GP or A&E with open mind. Explanation your problem. Wait for check and explanation. Leave Google information at hone if the above is from Google!

Just go to your doctor.

That is what they are for.

Stop reading the internet for your symptoms and go and see them now.

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