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High LDL Cholesterol all rest OK

Hi all nice to join this community..

I am a 40 year old man, quite fit who does weights and running, takes supplements etc and actually have a degree in Food Science with Nutrition so into geeky health etc..

I was always a bit overweight about 82.5kg on a 175cm frame - I recently gave up eating sugar (or cut it back drastically) and started eeating more protein and fat and less grains and as a result lost weight which was very happy about...

I am now about 76kg and 175cm which is just under 25 BMI so not overweight...

As I was so smug about my health and weight loss I decided to get some blood tests from doctor and they came out as:

Total Cholesterol of 7.20 is HIGH RISK

LDL of 4.88 is HIGH RISK

HDL of 2.0 is OPTIMAL

Triglyceride level of 0.69 is NORMAL


Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio is: 3.60 - (preferably under 5.0, ideally under 3.5) GOOD

HDL/LDL ratio is: 0.410 - (preferably over 0.3, ideally over 0.4) IDEAL

Triglycerides/HDL ratio is: 0.790 - (preferably under 4, ideally under 2) IDEAL

The doctor told me off for having high LDL but everything else is OK...

Can anyone here comment on the High LDL - is it a problem if everything else is OK ?

Any help much appreciated.

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If you have only recently given up sugar, this may still be causing problems in your body. Genetics may also play a part.

If you like the geeky side of nutrition, have a read around the subject (cholesterol numbers are American).




How can a GP do this "The doctor told me off for having high LDL but everything else is OK..."?

When was your last blood test? Did you GP offer any medication?

UK follow WHO standards, the numbers are coming down every year. The three numbers, Blood glucose, nowadays it is HbA1C, blood pressure and blood cholesterol are all important and your general health.

Life style change, food intake control and regular exercise can help to live a healthy life. Give food intake control (avoid most of the sugar products), go for LCHF food and regular exercise a try, go for blood check in six month time and evaluate. Waist measurement is also very important as well as the ratio of waist and height. Please Google to get a better understanding. Slow process, it has taken me more than two years. I am please to say I am not on any medication at the moment. NHS and many other originations have food plate, be careful!. The food plate details are very old and it is changing, if you Google LCHF you can get some understanding.

Good luck.

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If your doctor can not see you are trying your best by exercising etc.....you should seek another doctor who does and give you more true honest support.....not somebody who just read numbers and tick boxes.....well done for all the hard work you are doing,in reality alot don't put the effort in like you are doing or value it.....keep on the same road, hopefully you will find real answers David

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Ideally you could determine what the particle-sizes of the LDL are. I would suspect, from the changes you've outlined, that a high proportion would be large, fluffy LDL, and consequently not a problem.

It's the VLDL that indicate a problem, which tend to come from excess carbohydrate. The oxidation of these VLDL results from the immune system fighting inflammation in the endothelial layers. This inflammation comes from irritants such as too much omega-6, too much insulin/IGF-1, or too much glycosylated haemoglobin (from fructose).

I'd say you'd significantly lowered your risk from the results' ratios.

I must stress that I am not a doctor though.


How would one go about finding this "what the particle-sizes of the LDL are" from NHS blood test? In your response there are a lot of technical information. Is it possible to do private blood test to find the information?



Hi all thanks for the replies - very useful....

I am going for a private full screening test in Mid Jan to check out all my other factors but not sure if theyw ill test my large vs small LDL - does anyone in the UK test this ?


Try Google, you may find a test site and other good information!


Blue Horizon was mentioned as providing a test which will do this, in the comments under healthunlocked.com/heartuk/...


Hi Simon ..Im wondering how are u now ...and how is ur LDL became


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