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Check your premises

"The Corn Refiners Association maintains that HFCS has essentially the same fructose/glucose proportions as sugar. It also says that fructose does not have a different effect on the body from glucose."

Fructose has to be metabolised by the liver, that is why it has a low Gi. It also glycosylates haemoglobin seven times as much as glucose. Glucose is essential for life; fructose isn't.

Fructose increases triglycerides to disrupt metabolism (such as insulin-resistance), then glucose causes excess insulin and IGF1release that causes growth of endothelial linings, increasing risk of heart disease.

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Thank you for this post, by Goggling "endothelial linings, increasing risk of heart disease" I was able to find out more information on cholesterol! We all have to watch our food intake and control it.


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