Bells Palsy

Hi, I have been suffering from Bells Palsy since October last year. It happened two days after my father died but I am not sure if it can be bought on by stress. I did also have a bad bout of flu just before. I only took a couple of days of work as it was painful to start with but once the pain went I didn't want to shut myself away. I think that I have dealt with it quite well and usually pre-empt comments from people who don't know me by telling them what it is I am suffering from so that they don't feel awkward speaking to me. My colleagues at work have been great and really supportive as have my family. I am slowly recovering the movement in my face but my smile is so lopsided that I don't much anymore. Also my eye still doesn't function like it should and I constantly have tears running down my cheek - not from crying it just happens! Would love to hear from anyone else who has or is still suffering from this condition to compare notes.

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  • Hi, from what I have read online and what drs have told me, BP has good prognosis, with recovery starting soom. I believe there is a BP forum online.

    I am suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (aka Herpes Zoester), which is slightly different from BP but causes facial weakness/paralysis. The cause of BP and RHS are different and the recovery from RHS tends to e slower that that of BP. There is also a forum online for people with RHS.

    It seems as though a lot of people with RHS were misdiagnosed initially as having BP due to similar symptoms. Online searches can give you a lot more information but it wouldn't hurt to go see an ENT or a neuro-otologist for proper tests to make sure of the diagnosis.

  • Hi, I agree you should ask for a consultation with a Facial Palsy specialist. I had Bells Palsy a few years back - overnight my face "fell". My GP referred me to a consultant although by the time I saw him my BP had gone! He thought it had been caused by Shingles affecting the Facial nerve although I had no symptoms of Shingles (e.g. rash). I think you need to speak to an expert who can answer your questions. Good luck

  • I am in agreement with hblueb and BANA in terms of your going to see a consultant for a full diagnosis and treatment, if any. If you are suffering a form of ectropion where the lower lid droops and your eyes are weeping, I would book a consultant or be referred by your GP sooner rather than later. Stress through the loss of a loved one can manifest itself in many ways, so seeking thorough medical advice has to be your first priority. Take care and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Hi guys, here are some websites that may offer more understanding and support.

  • Thanks all, I have seen two doctors with regard to this. The first on the day it happened - I was in Wales so I had to go as an emergency to my mothers doctor. He thought it was caused by the stress of Dad dying although he never said it was Bells Palsy. The second about four days later when I was back home who did diagnose Bells Palsy and gave me anti virals and steroids although he said it was probably too late by that time for them to help and was surprised that the first doctor did not prescribe them. It is slowly improving but not as fast as I would have hoped. Thanks for all the advise, I will go and see a consultant I think.

  • If you can’t close your eyes due to long-term facial paralysis, gold eyelid weights are one type of treatment that can help with eyelid closure. Here’s more information about how they work:

  • Hope you're doing well, I also had Bell's Palsy 2 months ago. I tracked my progress on hope it helps ;)

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