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my wonderful son

my son was born on the 27th of feb 2012 with a cleft lip that was not picked up at his scan:( I was so shocked when I see him for the first time I could not stop myself from feeling a little disapointment as I had a little girl 3 years and 8 days early who was ill all the in my pregance and had to be induced a week early as if left to go any longer could do her damge so when they said all was fine with my son I was so pleased but I would like to point out that other people I spoke to expained they felt the same when they found out he is now almost 7 months and had his op done which I fully wish I did have to have done as after it was done I missed his old smile and wished for it back so bad i did mind all the looks and people talking about him as much as I thought I would the only bit that buged me was when people would say oh he looks so good now it has been done or normal which I would love for some one to expain to me what normal looks like as to me he look just like any other child just more hamson with his little smile the one thing I hope for it that he will get on with life with out feeling any pain from people nasty words I dont know how many more ops he will need done as they said at gosh I am looking at a mim or 2 or 3 I will up date this blog as often as I can thanks for reading my blog mylittlesmiler xx

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you may miss your son's first smile, but my guess is that his life will be easier now the op is done. More operations will help in the long run, good luck with it all.


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