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Olympics and Paralympics inspired blog

When I was thinking of a topic to write this blog on, I thought I would go topical and write about something to do with the Olympics and Paralympics. What came to mind first were the UK adverts for the Paralympics. They are fast and powerful, and I think, are really well made.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Claire Cashmore's advert: This advert is filled with humour from the start, and whilst she is talking about her disability the scene is based in the pool and so, it is her talent and success that rings loud throughout the whole advert.

The 'Meet the Superhumans' advert: This advert is all about strength, power and resilience, and I think the sound track was a really good choice as it keeps the advert current and gives it an edge.

Lastly, Will Bayley's advert: This advert demonstrates a really unassuming confidence which I love and ends with the wonderful sentence - 'I wouldn't be without my disability to be honest, I'm happy'.

What do you think of the adverts above? Have a look through these and the others (which you can find on youtube) and link your favourites below in the comment section for others to see.

Hope you all have a great week.

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A really good, light-hearted read about the paralympics from one of our Champions, Vicky.


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