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I am very curious of your opinion on the Channel 4 show -The Undatables. Have You seen it ? Personally I have mixed feelings. On the one hand they somehow raise an awareness by talking about relationships of people with difference, on the other hand some people can watch this as a some sort of a "freak show". Personally I still have huge problems with dating. But thanks to my psychologist I know that it has more psychological, than only appearance reasons. And for me this show was quite enjoyable, maybe because I can relate to some of the problems shown there.

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  • Shows like The Undateables have generated a lot of discussion around the topic of 'difference', which is a positive thing. The show also introduced us to some wonderful characters, such as Justin who was part of episode 2, allowing viewers to see people as more than just their 'difference'.

    But I think that some aspects of the programme were problematic. The programme completely ignored the fact that many people with visible differences do have loving, committed and healthy relationships and instead played, without question, on the negative myth that those with disfigurements will be unlikely to find a partner.

    I would be really interested in hearing other people's views on the programme (and the title!), thanks for posting this blog Ania-be.

  • I did not feel compelled to watch the programme, as I believed just the title of the programme spoke volumes of its content. I therefore did not want to be counted in their ratings.

    I agree with the CF comment above, that many people with visible difference have relationships. It angers me that people are almost surprised when I say I am in a happy relationship and this programme merely added to the belief that people with a visible difference cannot achieve happiness in this way.

  • I agree, I hate the name of the programme. They asked some of our support group members to participate and they were all horrified. One even made a complaint to the makers. I do not consider anybody with a visible difference to be undateable, when people get to know you they don't even see the difference anymore.

    There are much better ways of raising awareness than, basically, putting on a show which draws attention to people's differences and making them seem negative.

  • The name of the show was a bit dodgy to say the least but I guess it did grab people's attention. I think those on the show proved the opposite that they weren't undateable and the people, as opposed to whatever their circumstances were, came through really strong. Tilly above is right, nobody with a visible difference is undateable. Yes there needs to be a basic attraction there for two people to connect but an attraction based on personality over looks will always last the longest.

  • Hi guys, I thought you might be interested in this link to a youtube clip:


    This young lady was asked if she wanted to appear on the show and the clip highlights her thoughts on this.

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