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Hello Everyone,

I haven't written in awhile......but I appreciate everyone responding to my email. It's so hard to come up with words that are all pent up inside. How does one explain a life of loneliness. How does one explain how day too day existence is a challenge, not visual challenges, but people who still judge you or have formed opinions of you, either at work or otherwise. I hate myself and my life. As I said once before....thank the almighty for my animals. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. I need to stop now, this world is too huge to care about one meaningless person. Thank you for allowing me here...Elly

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There will always be people who judge others negatively. Why do you feel they are judging you negatively?

Reply's my horrible past. I'm an only child, which means I tried the best of my ability to care for my elderly parents. I lost my mom to ovarian cancer 12 yrs ago. That was very traumatizing!!! I could have been a better daughter, and the man above brutely showed me way of my dad. You see along with caring for my dad, who was 92.....i worked/work as a caregiver(12 hrs Thurs, 16 Fri and 10 sat). I always came home to care for my dad also. He was very independent, he did show subtle signs of dementia, but nothing that I thought would harm him while I worked my 3 day shift. Not until 3 years ago, I called him when I was at work on Friday. He was distressed about a bill. I told him to calm down and I would look at it when I got home. That dreadful horr


To make this fast and to get it over dad......was out in the middle of a dark unlite road near our house......i was trying to find the driveway to turn.....saw something in the middle of the rpad, before I could process it in my mind, first a person....then it was my dad..i hit him. He was rushed to the hospital, was in shock and hysterical. I had to be dad passed away. I'M NO GOOD!!!!!!! I deserve judged


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