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Hi Everyone

Just joined the group

I'm due to return to work next week

After having MOHRS surgery on my head last may for BCC

And since had two skin grafts ( one unsuccessful )

Feeling a bit anxious about going to work.

But have a appointment to see someone from changing faces next week before I see my GP .

Best wishes to you all .

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The very best to you too Trainspottergary. You sound very upbeat about your situation and have certainly taken the right road by getting in touch with Changing Faces. The professionals there will go along way in helping you remain upbeat with a whole set of coping tactics and strategies to make your life and work outlook easier to deal with. Good luck.


Thank you


Trying to take things one thing/ one day at a time.


Yes I think contacting changing faces will be a good move

Seeing my work mates tomorrow

And will look at trying to work out my work adjustments and hours with my boss


Sleep well


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