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facial scaring

Hi, I had a fall not so long ago and have ended up with a scar (more like a hole) about a centimetre deep and 3 inches long and 1 inch wide on my cheek. Even though it's not that long ago I don't think ill ever be able to go out again. can't even face going to the doctors surgery. Anyone got any advice. I feel really down. My husband says it'll heal but he will say anything to make me feel better.

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Suffering a facial scar through an accident is no less life-changing than suffering from any other accident if you feel that it affects your confidence and ability to mix with other people socially. Permit yourself to grieve and understand that it can affect your confidence and that you may need professional help to encourage you to cope with your own personal situation. Yes time is a great healer even for facial scarring, however try and face going to speak to your doctor, particularly where they probably already have been updated if you had gone to a&e after your accident. Don't allow yourself to sink into a confidence crisis, allow your doctor to give you the support you need and deserve. They have a whole range of professionals who can help with confidence, skin treatment preparations, covermark make up, options regards surgery or just being there to talk it over. Speaking to independent professionals is as important as having good family support, because you need to know in your own mind that you can build on your own confidence to recover from this and go forward from what has happened. Good luck.


Thank you. I'll try and pluck the courage up.x


My advice to you is to pray. Pray that it heals with a barely noticeable scar. Because the bottom line is once you are scarred, its permanent and there's not much anyone can do to improve it. And life with a scarred face is pure hell.


Hi Susie, I'm really sorry that you're feeling down. I too found this forum after getting 2 scars and change to the contour of my soft-tissue around them.

The dimensions you give make me imagine that your scar is a noticeable one. When you saw your doctor what did he/she say about it? Did you tell them it was causing you distress?

Everything is relative. I don't think scars can ever be totally eliminated. What I mean is, I think any intervention will always leave some tell-tale sign. But, in your case, the level of improvement that might be possible through scar-revision might be significant. The measurements you give lead me to think that in some lighting conditions, the shadow can give rise to a prominent indentation. What if, through scar-revision, that can be reduced to a thin/faint line? Don't you think that might be an improvement? What about seeing a surgeon who could excise that area and close it, tension free, in layers? Don't give up hope or think your will be housebound for the rest of your life.


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