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A noobs tail

Hi all,

I suffer from a condition called Kearn Sayre Syndrome. There are many possible issue but so far it's just my eyes that are effected.

Only able to use my right eye as with both open I'd get double vision. Having only 1 eye is an odd look in public. As I'm sure many of you notice, the pubic have a devastating way of looking at people who seem a little different.

For me it's been 20 years since the injury that left me in this state, the KSS diagnosis came some 7 years later. It was hard for years but that was some time ago. Being assaulted at 17 years old took the joy of young life away at tender age. Motorsport, cycling and wintersports filled the hole.

I teach snowboarding in the winter and have an IT support job these days. Life is a little harder with a 'different' face but for the most part you make your own luck.

Aside from finding love, I've found that there isn't really anything that can stand in the way of a happy life. Is it greedy to ask for more?

Maybe I'm just too stupid to take in all the hate the world has to offer? Would like to think that I'm just beyond caring what the haters think and that only rational thinkers and caring people have anything worthwhile to offer the world.

Rest assured that there is a wealth of people out there that really do care for others.

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You have a healthy approach to life MagicLuke and once people get to know you I'm sure that really shines through.


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