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Light at the end of the tunnel

As a result of a form of Vasculitis known as WG or GPA, I have a large hole in my nose. For several months I had to wear dressings on my nose, so that I could wear my glasses without too much discomfort. I can well remember my despair when I looked in the mirror at my hole, and my lack of self confidence when out in public. I got fed up with people asking if I'd walked into a door, or something similar. However, eventually I was fitted with a silicone prosthesis, which does a very good job, and because I wear glasses it's not too obvious. I was offered reconstruction, but as this would involve several weeks of surgery and being unable to wear my glasses, and would not have been cosmetically a great improvement, I declined. My story is on the VasculitisUK website for anyone who is interested. Just to say there can be light at the end of the tunnel, although I realise it's not the case for everyone.

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Hi suffolkgirl, Enjoyed reading your post. You've probably mentioned, but of the dozen or so stories on the VasulitisUK website, I was unclear which one was yours. -Jean


Sorry, I forgot that I'm suffolkgirl on here! Read Avril's story on VasculitisUK.


Thanks very much! Really appreciate your sharing your story.

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