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I have been through alot these past few years

I have stuggled to control my feeling in and outside of work. I jave never recieved any help with my depression before because i was too scared of what my family and friends would think of me. A few weeks ago i was going to be given a diciplinary for my abscence at work. The manager was aware of my problem and we had a talk about what could be put in place for me to be well at work. So i said i would like to have regular weekly meetings with her so she knows how i am getting on. And counselling with companies at work. 1 week later she had a talk with me and asked how i was doing i said i feel ok taking my meds and talking to people about how i feel on a day to day basis. After that everything went from bad to worse i felt like killing myself.  I am really stuggling finacially which is getting me back in that low mood i need some advice and someone to talk to

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So sorry to read that you are feeling this way. We can't provide support on this page, but you can contact our Support Service who will be happy to help. Their email is and you can call on 0300 012 0275. Please do get in contact as we have a range of support available.

Changing Faces


Hello life can be so hard for us on a daily basis as if it isn't hard enough! Know that you are not alone and that many of us have experiences and feelings very similar to yours. Something that you may not know is how strong you are and how beautiful you really are. Sometimes counselling makes us feel worse at first as it brings feelings that are hard to deal with right to the surface stick with it for a while.


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