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I was sent a link to this website/community through changing faces. I am 17 years old, living in England. I was diagnosed with Non-syndromic Complex multi-sutural Craniosynostosis as a baby at Great Ormond Street Hospital and been under their care for most of my life. I am looking to connect with people in a similar boat compared to me as I would like to get in touch with people. Hope you are well and having a lovely day =)

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Hello Gabrielle Nowell, welcome to our supportive and advisory forum, we wish you a good experience on here and hope you find like-minded people. Changing Faces is an excellent charity that supports people who suffer facial or body differences and provides a good outlet for people to share their experiences. All the best of luck.

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Hey, many of us are suffering something and now you have joined the party!

We are who we are so lets make the most of that. Hello and welcome, you are not alone.


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