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Is taking isotretinoin worth it to cure my acne?

I have struggled with acne since I was 12 years old, now being 21 it's really become an emotional issue and a daily issue that I have to face. I have visited the doctor what seems like 100 times, and tried every solution they came up with, with no luck. They recently referred me to a dermatologist, who suggested I start taking isotretinoin tablets.

I've done a whole heap of research into the drug, and am honestly so scared of the side effects that could happen, but I feel like I've tried everything else and this is my last option. I even know someone who was taking the drug and had to stop after three months because she got depressed. It's not as such the depression side-effect that I'm worried about, but rather things like hair loss and dry eyes.

Now I'm even worried that I'm worrying about it too much which will impact the symptoms. It's weird because I'm not really someone who worries about things like this, I'm more of a live for the moment, it is what it is type of person, but this time round I'm very cautious.

If any of you have used the drug or have experience with it, I would truly love to hear from you to get your thoughts or suggestions of what I should do.

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i dont know what the thing u talk about is.

but it depends. is it acne from like just bad food or like heredity stuff ?

u could try glycolic acid peel , or a dermaroller.

but that is if only your acne is unusual , and if it dont bleed .



I have struggled with my skin quite bad since I hit my 20's never had a problem until then, I again the same as you went to the doctors numerous times to get this sorted, in which i was finally referred to Dermatologist and have just started the isotretinoin, I am a month in to my course and can honestly say i have had no problems other that dry skin and achy bones, I was very put off from the side affects that i considered not taking it but because my skin was really getting me down but I had nothing to lose! Lots of people I know have taken these tablets and have said they are the best thing and the End of the course my skin will be gleaming- so if i was you babes i would give it a try- You've got nothing to lose!


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