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B-12 and Acne?

I recently became vegan and started taking 1000mcg b12 pills daily which i believe is the reccomended dosage. But ive been getting this cystic acne and it hasnt really been getting better. Im thinking about breaking the pills and taking small pieces of it to stop my body from absorbing it all in too quickly. Any suggestions? I found a girl on YouTube who suffered the same thing but she never said how she cured it because her skin looked better.

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Hello Aimour, Just a suggestion, but maybe at this stage it would be a good idea to have a chat with your doctor to see what they would recommend, particularly if the acne is causing problems in terms of scarring. Diet changes may affect your digestion and skin, so I would mention it to your GP, who can then help with the appropriate treatments to stabilize both. Good Luck.


I don't believe it's my diet since I gradually became vegan over the course of a year from pescetarian to vegetarian to vegan. But thank you!


Thanks for posting here. Changing Faces provides emotional support, but doesn't give medical advice or comment on treatments, as we're not qualified in that respect. We'd suggest you speak to your GP or a dermatologist.


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