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I had a melanom removed from cheek half year ago , and now surgery to close the scar .

Now since a few days cheek is again with big scar and I am very discouraged ...

I live in France , but did not find any forum in french to find some friends in the same hard life ... I am glad to have found you !! Excuse my bad english ...

I hope to read you all soon , and am already reading in the forum , great forum and you are all great persons ...

Very friendly

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Good to hear from our HealthUnlocked community in France. I am sorry that your scar is making you feel so discouraged. Speaking from experience, it can take much longer than 6 months for the scar to become less raised, less red and blend in more with your natural skin tone. Has your doctor or consultant advised you on any aftercare surgery self-help? For example massaging Bio Oil or tiny amounts of Lavender Oil can be very effective in improving the look of the scar tissue over time and improve the flexibility of the skin around the scar. Of course you should return to your doctor or consultant should you have any concerns. Maybe you might consider skin camouflage cream as an alternative to help reduce the effects of the scarring some time in the future. Details of these creams and the skin camouflage service can be found on the ChangingFaces website. They can be a great way to improve confidence.

There is a very good, friendly community here at HealthUnlocked and we all do our best to support each other and help others not feel that they are suffering or experiencing problems on their own. Good Luck with your own experience.


Thank you for your post !

And your advices !

Till soon doctor only told me to put vaseline cream , but scar is still not closed on one point , I think to go tomorrow show it again , hope it is not infected .

It is good to have people we can freely speak about that , and good to have kind support :)

Yes , now life changed for me about what I thought it to be , and it is time to find the best in it ...

I wish you all good

Very friendly


I can understand your concern. I, too had facial surgery 2 weeks ago. I had a basic cell carcenoma removed leaving me with 24 stitches. I had them out 3 days ago. The doctor told me to put eye cream on the scar but the nurse disagreed and said to leave sterstrios on for 4 days and not touch it. I feel like I have an elephant on my face and do not know who to turn to for help or advice. Anyone out there who could give me some advice?? Thank you in advance.


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