Facial issues

Hi Giulia

So sorry to hear your story , you are very brave and this helps me too .

Yes my mouth is pulled and part of my jaw bone is gone on right side so face caved in ,I put hair over it I also get big square plaster to hide that side of my face .

I have more or less lost my voice too so no chats with friends anymore very hard not be it able to talk to my family I write everything down .

I wish you luck and happiness please stay in touch .


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  • Dear Barbara

    Thank you for your reply. So nice to hear from you. It must be awful to have lost your voice too in all this. Facial surgery takes so much more away than other operations I feel and therefore we must be proud of our courage and depth of strength. We are the brave. I don't think people really understand the enormity of impact this type of disfiguring surgery has. Whilst my surgical team were brilliant they really could not comprehend the fear, shock, devastation, anger, grief, loss and huge sorrow I was feeling and made me feel like there was something wrong with me for feeling these things. On reflection, why would I feel anything else!

    I have bounced back but in my own time and in my own way. Being forced to go off the wars and sit in the cafe on the hospital was never going to be the way forward. How ridiculous now I think of it. I do all these things now but only after time to get used to the new me and find a type of me I am comfortable with.

    Barbara hold your head high and be proud of yourself. You have faced most people's worst nightmare. You have sought support and are actively being proactive about finding your comfort zone. Many might fail to get this far. Never stop telling yourself just how amazing you are.

    With very best wishes

    Giulia - which is just Julia but I have a daft mother who chose an Italian spelling. Life has never been easy ha ha ! X

  • Hi Giulia ,

    thank you so much yes you are so right in all you say , does your face / head still get sore ?

    I have to take Panadol Max daily

    Barbara x

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