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My name is Barbara 2 months ago I had major surgery twice within 10 days of each other due to cancer , I had part of my tongue mandible and jaw bone removed on right hand side . Due to radiation 14 years ago for cancer all tissue dead looks like reconstruction is out !

Therefore any help would be greatly appreciated on how I can make this look better , mouth pulled to the right have long hair and try to hide it I hate the way I look 😱 any help please .

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only 2 months since surgery...more time for healing is needed to allow tissue and all to settle .thou I do not know enough about your surgeries ;I do know healing time can make improvements.I had to wait a year between facial surgeries.maybe there is no op that may help?I have jaw lopsided and lip.I also where hair long.I try and focus eye make make and strong brow.also glasses that shape or swoop up to take attention to upper face.My hair thou long I attempt to have some layers so to fluff or shape it out around face.know what I mean?my face also right side drawn around.I had many ops jaw and nose. mouth has been leveled as much as poss.3 surgeries there with lips improved but still issues. the jaw is tilted and spine issues followed as outta balance.I wish u well but fovum on eye makeup and strong eyebrow shape to get attention to upper face.hopefully there is a poss surgery I'm future but for now..eyes..xx


Thank you Joy yes it is early days we will live in hope best wishes for the future .

Barbara xx


Hi Barbara there are some good suggestions on here and I would always recommend plenty of moisturizer helps with keeping the skin supple whilst it heals from within and helps with scarring. It also helps to have a matt finish moisturizer that takes the shine away and keeps the skin tone level. Then if you are feeling adventurous there is always skin camouflage, patted dry with finishing powder and blusher, which can work well in bringing out and levelling off the contours of your features. As suggested, focus on the mid to top half of your face with strong eyebrow features and eyes and glasses can work wonders in levelling off symmetry issues.


Hello there Barbara, I had surgery for cancer last February. I lost my eye, my eye socket and have had to have my internal nostrils rebuilt from my stomach muscles. The facial surgery has left me with my eye lid enlarged and sewn down, my nose is distorted, my cheek swollen and my left top lip droops. Its really not like anything you can ever imagine is it. I spent many days thinking I could never go out in the world again. All I can say is it does get better. I do the hair thing and have it covering the left side of my face but I do not have good thick hair so its not ideal. The scaring does need time to settle and mine is still making changes. Do you have a lot of facial paralysis and numbness? I do so that is an adjustment too along with the one eyed thing. I bought a wig to give good coverage and that really helped in the beginning. Now I've got to the point where I say it is what it is and I am as entitled to be enjoying the world as much as the next person. Those who stare I think often do so out of fear and the have every right to feel fear as what we have been through is fearful. We are the survivors, the courageous, the brave. Be proud of getting through this experience.


My scarring has gotten worse with time. Everyone told me it would get better. Well it hasn't. Bottom line, scarring is unpredictable.


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