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When your facial difference affects your mental health

When your facial or body difference affects your mental health, don't suffer alone, seek professional help. Do not suffer in silence, you deserve better than that, you deserve to have a happy life like anyone else. When your self-esteem is so low that you cannot avoid seeking proper medical help to get yourself back on track to a normal healthy mental state, that is never a failing on your part. No-one should be faced with suffering alone, because they feel or look different to others. And no-one should ever feel ashamed or self-conscious because they are looking to seek that medical help or support. To seek out help for yourself is not a sign of weakness of having to give in to your failings, it is a sign of great courage in admitting that you need help. After seeking professional medical advice and help for extreme anxiousness or depression, Changing Faces is a great community of people to belong to, who understand the feeling of isolation or feeling different because of your facial or body difference and they have a great ability to help you develop your own coping strategies in dealing with others reactions in life.

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