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What is your experience of peoples reactions abroad?

I was born with left side facial paralysis and had smile surgery when I was 5 years old. My face is a bit asymmetrical but I never thought it was THAT bad until I went on holiday in Barcelona and people were pointing and staring and making comments about me being ugly. Emotionally this trip has had a profound effect on me and although it was back in July I am still paying the price. I have tried not to let this deter me however from my big dream of travelling around Peru, Bolivia and Colombia and have booked to go away for 3 months from mid November. As this approaches though, a lot of fears are kicking in about how people may react in these countries, I had no problems in Thailand and would like to think I will have the same experience in South America but I would like to hear of peoples' experiences in these countries and others

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Ikika how brave of you, you have shown strength of character and I would urge you to carry on with this frame of mind. Do not be deterred by people's prejudice,it's all due to ignorance. Ignorance is not confined to one culture only, it's the tolerance level of their society that would make them embrace differences among individual . Don't let their perception of you spoil the wonderful experience that you are about to embark on. I come from a culture where emphasis is on the physical, I have now forgotten what I look like until I see myself in a mirror or a photo of me, the conviction comes from within, get to know me and people will discover that I am a beautiful person inside...this beauty will radiate from the inside to the outside if you will let it overcome your fears. All the best and good luck on your travels. Chantale

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dont worry, i guess this is more just the fear of their reactions towards you than what will actually happen.

a few times it get to happens to me to kinda fear going out and being exposed yet its funny because often its just rewarding to be expose and interact with others ( no one really like make me embarassed... )

I was born with a facial birthmark and had it removed by surgery years ago. so yea maybe my face is slighty different yet I dont get trouble with people maybe they can just laugh and find you funny yet you have to like be happy about it :P


I asked my sis and she said it's better.... probably because America is deeply religious. More 'being different means nothing' attitude and just a more socialist way of living.... people are more social.

Many sites have a list of top socialist countries and the UK doesn't even make it anywhere on their lists. They even have China before UK... and you know how communism has a poor rep because of leaders in past.

But I guess it's about money... do you have money to move. Ireland is supposed to be good and Canada.

Personally I would like to move out of the United Kingdom mysef at some point... too much government/police corruption/bullying of wrong people/lack of law and accountability, alcohol, drugs, violence and judgemental minded people. And I don't like SNP.


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