have i possibly developed some form ov condition that has made my eye drop lower then the other?

one of my eyes have become noticeably lower then the other and its not getting better, i was not born with any kind of problem and it has only become apparent to me for a year or so, may i have developed something that has caused this?, im becoming more reclusive due to people staring at my eye and dont want to end up completely locked away at home, any helkp would be much appreciated,

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  • I would suggest that you speak to your GP and your optician. You could probably be referred on but just get it checked it out in the first instance

  • thank you for taking the time to comment on my problem. :-)

  • Hi, The first thing you need to do is to go to your G.P and he/she will likely refer you to an eye specialist. You need to find out what has caused this. I have a full left side facial paralysis so know there is great help where needed! There is an operation I have had where the outer corner of your eye is stitched together to stop it looking different to the other side. There is so much that can be done, so don't let this stop you being you, people all glance at someone/thing that looks different, I am guilty of this, we all take a second look sometimes! Just remember the people that stare or comment are of a lower intelligence than you, if they weren't they wouldn't stare, be grateful you are brighter than them :-) I get it all the time. some days are easy others hard. Just remember, you are you, your heart your soul has not changed just the way you look. Go to the docs and get the ball rolling, always here if you need advice. Kate x

  • hi, thanks for the reply regarding my eye issue, i have spoken to 2 health proffesionals regarding my eye and both of them told me they can see no problem with my eye, i have taken pictures of my problem eye and it clearly shows a difference between the other one, what would you recommend i do in this situation? thanks.

  • Hi, would you be willing to post a before and after picture on here? If not I totally understand! If you would like to send me one privately my e-mail address is k.craigie3375@gmail.com. Don't give up my lovely, there is always something that can be done. Also, what area do you live? Kate x

  • There is a codition called silent sinus which may cause this. It is an internal sinus collapse with no symptoms. Just an idea. This can be easily addressed

  • hey, thanks for the reply to my question, ill look into it for sure.

  • hi kate, tbh posting a pic up online aint for me right now, but i may send you the before and afters to ya email after too many snakebites one day lol (only joking i hardly drink tbh) anyway i had a read of your post and thought its great how you have overcome so much with your facial palsay and yet doing ya run for changing faces must of taken alot of courage, congrats :-) thanks for the reply once again.

  • No worries lovely, always here if you need any advice x

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