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My experience with rosacea

Hi guys!

I am a fully trained makeup artist, specialising in camouflage makeup and false eyelash application for chemotherapy.

Suffering from rosacea myself, i initially found it impossible to strike the balance of coverage and smooth texture. My rosacea is in the 'butterfly' style (sounds cute at least!) and - so far - without texture,thread veins or spots.

I find using a green toned moisturiser (hypoallergenic!) as a base works really well first of all. If anyone would like names of brands I can happily recommend. Follow this with a mineral foundation using a big kabuki brush (fluffy but flat on top) and keep buffing away. Mineral powders are generally just crushed pearl that's baked into a solid round. The mineral aspect means a. They won't clog your pores (you could even sleep in it, although I wouldn't recommend it! Cleansing is key with his condition) and b. Even though they are powder, if you keep buffing in circular motions it can break down the 'powdery' effect to give you lovely fresh glowy skin and just the right amount of coverage. Skin should look like skin! This technique works great on acne too.

I'm new to this forum so I don't want to name brands in case that's not allowed, but let me know if anyone would like more advice. I've worked with tons of conditions and disfigurements, and love to help give advice wherever possible. Please note that I am self employed and do not endorse any brands! Just here to help :)


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very interesting would like to know more about the powder have used green foundation but I end up looking like a ghost (very white and pale). As my usual colour is reddish which I hate and glows hotter when I walk into a warm room, looks like I am blushing which I do very easily in any case.



I have the exact same problem with it! It's a vicious cycle - I went from being super confident (my rosacea started in my mid teens) and then when I got even slightly red everyone would start pointing saying "oooh your blushing!" which in turn would make me embarrassed, even if there was nothing to be embarrassed about! I now blush at the drop of a hat because I know my face will be screaming out like a crazy beacon!

Stay away from anything too green, red looks better than the hulk! ;)

I recommend a cream by Darphin called 'redness recovery cream' for sensitive skin. It's light, ever-so-slightly tinted green, and really good at repairing your skin's natural barrier (the break down of this barrier is what causes the redness in the first place)

Before you apply this, take a cotton pad drenched in really cold water, wrap it around your ring finger (so your finger looks like a hot dog in a bun!) and tap it all over your cheeks or anywhere that you are red. This motion 'pushes cold air into the skin which will dramatically calm the redness, and cool the skin so that make up sits better. The motion of it feels really daft, but I promise you it works - use the whole length of your finger and go at the speed of a typist at 100 words per minute.

Then apply your cream. The range eau thermal from boots (think that the name) Do great treatments for redness too!

For make up, laura mercier mineral powder foundation is great, just as the last post mentioned, anything mineral is great cause it's just pure crushed pearl loveliness. Totally harmless on sensitive skin. As a bonus it comes with spf too, great on rocesea.

I can also vouch for the range boujous from boots too - they are owned by chanel, so really your getting chanel products but dirt cheap. Just stay away from anything in the range that's too perfumed, as a lot of their things can have a good few synthetics in them. That said, they face some great foundation powders, so just go for the most natural.

Does this help? Let me know if there are any other questions :)

When you do go red just think of all the money you save on blusher. Women pay hundreds for it over the course of a life time and I've never bought a single one!


Hi both,

Have you heard of the Changing Faces Skin Cam clinics? (Link below) They run all over the UK and they are free of charge. Most of the products (if not all) are available on the NHS.

Joanne I am sure they would love your skills and experience.

Get in touch with them if you're interested.



Hi Joanne,

I am a rosacea sufferer and have been trying to find products that don't accentuate the dry and flaky skin but cover the redness. I have spent a fortune but nothing seems to work so any ideas you could give would be great.

Thanks Jill


Hi Joanne,

I've tried the green tint stuff and the mineral powders but (and it could be me expecting too much) I don't find that they cover the redness for me. Is there anything you can suggest? I have dry sensitive skin too and moisturise and use primer before applying my make up.



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