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Heart Failure Daily Weight in Care Home

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Specialist Heart Failure Nurse recommends logging daily weight to Care Home (to detect fluid retention early). Privately funded Care Home says "can't do that" as they have no sit-on scales in-house, but only one set shared between three homes. Nurse to me: "I've never heard of a Care Home having no sit-on scales before". I've emailed Care Home to ask what is their plan for daily weighing in absence of sit-on scales; awaiting response.

Any comments / advice on how to proceed? Thanks in advance.

Might GP be able to 'encourage' Care Home to get another set of scales?

Is this - if they don't sort it out - potential failure of their 'duty of care'?

2 Replies
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can understand the best of interest for care and the delima we are sometimes faced with person centred planning and adaptive perspectives most care homes do have a duty of due diligence policy and procedures providing response reviews always important for Health Matters as long being aware with implemented awareness most things are resolved as with you’re hydration important conclusion

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IWe monitor my father's weight at home daily for his CHF and CKD and it's defintitely important. I don't have experience in with working with a homcare facihome., but you defience workingtrying to get daily weight at a care facilityhome though. I think your're right to ask GP for help and any ,. If it's medically advised then they need to profvide that service, imo. Have you asked the specialist nurse if they can communicate with care home? I would definitely ask all ll doctodoctors and any other med profesisionals involved in the patient's care to advocate for them. Best of luchk on this.Can they write an prescription that piateient weight must be monitored dilaily?

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