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New caregiver

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We have recently moved my mother in law in with us and I am learning alot real fast about caring for an elderly person. She wants to do everything for herself but is very forgetful.. any advice is welcome ...I want to take good care of her without taking away her independence.

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let her do as much as you can and remind her by offerring a choice lke you do with small children. You dont say "you have forgotten your shoes " but ask "which shoes do you want to wear today" which puts them in charge without them feeling they have been reminded. you sound very thoughtful and kind and should be a lovely carer .A bit of reseach about mild dementia might help you not to get overloaded

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JohnNicola in reply to FredaE

Thank you FredaE for your advice. As a caregiver myself, I can only echo that advice!

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