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Happy Thanksgiving

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Hi everyone,

Just a very short post to wish our US members a very happy Thanksgiving holiday today.

I always think it's such a great holiday to take time out to be mindfully aware that even in this unsettled world we live in, if we look, we can always find something to be thankful for.

To all of those who are blessed enough to celebrate around a table of tasty food I hope you enjoy a day of fellowship and joy, and sending a hope to all those who aren't as happy or fortunate, that the tide of good fortune turns in your favour soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo: Pricilla du Preez, Unsplash

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Good morning Callendersgal, we have a friend in Illinois who will be celebrating Thanksgiving with family today. It’s a great celebration.Happy Thanksgiving to all. Xxx💜💙💜

Thank you for your Thanksgiving Wishes . I think of it as a Harvest Festival. What is really nice is that all Americans can celebrate it , no matter ethnicity or religion and those in need can look forward to a good hot meal at a church or delivered to their homes by the many charities involved . My family came to stay last weekend since travel can be heavy and my eldest son is a college basketball coach and has to travel to NY today .

So thank you for your greetings Callendersgal,it's very much appreciated!!

Now , the Christmas Season kicks into gear !!

Gillian, Mookie Fox 1234

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