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Today's watercolour offering. She looked sultry until I added her whiskers. Now she looks startled. I enjoyed painting her, though. Compared with my paintings of a year ago, this one is a lot looser. I am daring to use splashes of unexpected colour which I find adds intrigue. I am also finding that leaving a little white paper along selected edges can add sparkle. I hope you enjoy her.

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Here she was without her whiskers or background. Eat your heart out, Albrecht Dürer? I think not.

Portrait of a rabbit in watercolour
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I must admit I prefer the whiskers Brent. She’s a lovely rabbit and I’m sure I saw her nose twitch. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Xxx

How sweet. I have a perfect spot for her in my house. ☺️

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She's utterly beautiful BrentW. She looks very coquettish with her charming whiskers! So accomplished. Maybe animals are your special talent!

oh she is lovley. You have made SUCH progress. She, and her whiskers are pure delight

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BrentW in reply to FredaE

Thank you, FredaE. My drawing skills have been much improved by following online tutorials, as had my knowledge and use of colour. It has been a wonderful journey, though -- and long may it continue.

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BrentW in reply to BrentW

A pencil drawing from an art class today, organised by Goldster. Maybe I should try animals for a while.

Pencil portrait of a chimpanzee

Best yet this one 😍 , as you said, the use of unexpected colour and the unpainted areas definitely elevate the picture

I love the colours you have chosen and you have given her such character. Beautiful.

Hi BrentW,

I like both-- the rabbit and chimpanzee. :-) You can start a series for animals to be drawn/painted. Fantastic job! :-)

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BrentW in reply to Activity2004


Your bunny rabbit made me smile 😃 so cute 😊

Hi Brent that's so lovely your so talented and as I said before water colour isn't the easiest of paints enjoy your weekend 🤗😺xx

Loved your rabbit ! I have zero art talent and appreciate those who do .I like the colors and the whiskers add more character to your rabbit .

Keep up the good work !!

Gillian, Mookie Fox

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