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Hi havent, been on for a while , but I found these in the works, got these for my Grandson who has Autism, he loves them and they calm him , also I have a neighbour with Dementia , so I thought I wonder if she'd be ok with these , anyway I found her with them the other day , and she was trying them and was actually cheerful , so I thought I would share on here , the WORKS do single toys for £2 onwards or this box set , which is well worth the money . Take care of yourselves xx

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Good morning 5855 what a great idea. I must admit my grandchildren love the popper fidgets you can buy and they stay focused for a while. I’m sure they would be suitable for those with autism and dementia. Xxxx

Good morning and thank you for your suggestion. It's so good to find something like this that is sold at a reasonable price. I am sure they will be beneficial for many people with dementia and other conditions such as autism.

I hope you have a good day. 👍 xxx

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Hi 5855, it's really kind of you to mention this useful activity box and I'm so pleased it's fun for your grandson. What a fabulous tip for dementia sufferers too, and I'm going to mention this to my sister, for her husband. At that price why wouldn't she give it a try, and if it helps in any way it will be a huge bonus!

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