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Here we go again.

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Well after injury and nearly 4 months of physio, exercise and rest, I am back.

I started week 1 again and seem to be coping, but am surprised at how difficult it is. I began c25k in February his year, it took me 15 weeks to complete, I was amazed that I was able achieve 3 runs a week for 30mins. Has anyone else faced a similar situation and how did you get on? I still don't particularly enjoy running, but did enjoy a higher level of fitness. Has anyone any tips?

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Hello donefor, good to meet you but I’m just wondering if you meant to post here or on the Couch to 5K forum. You’re very welcome here of course and I wish you well with your fitness. Xxx

Yes it was meant for c25k not sure how to post on there sorry

Hi and welcome to the Care Community group, donefor. 😀👍

If you want to post a posting/comment, join the Couch to 5K group by clicking on the link to the group at: and then go to the Write button to create a posting.

I hope this helps and you also join in the activities/postings on here, as well. 😀👍👍

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Activity2004

Thanks Leah and I hope that donefor has safely navigated his way back to his intended community!

Thanks, Sue. :-) Things have a way of working out. :-)

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