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Hospitals and all that it entails.

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Last week i spoke to my GP and expressed my concern that i had received no follow up to my broken shoulder and arm even after 2 months,so he said he would chase it up.

Today i received a letter for me to go the Southmead hospital ,north of Bristol,for me to be there next Monday at 8.45am.(extremely short notice)

i have now returned the letter as no way can i get to Southmead ,now that i am carless for the foreseeable future.

So i cannot drive there,and its 35 miles away,and there are no buses to that area,and there is not a train station here either,and i certainly cant ride my bicycle.

I really thought i would have to go to Weston Super Mare as that is only 10 miles away,and that would not be much of a problem,and we even have a cottage hospital here.They really have no thought how people can get to these far flung places,its inconsiderate and thoughtless.

i said its getting to be like a 3rd world country,you take your chances and thats it.

So guess i must put up with it and forget about it.

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I don't think you should let this setback put you off further investigations secrets22. Apart from it possibly being of help to you, I think that, if we give in to setbacks it just adds another level to any inefficiencies in the system. It only harms ourselves and not those we are frustrated with.There is a process in place for getting to hospital when you aren't fit to drive and you really ought to contact your surgery again and explain your situation, so that transportation can be provided for you. If you've actually cancelled your appointment though, you'll have to start from the beginning again and wait for a new appointment.

For complaints about the way in which you've been dealt with, the first stop is your GP practice manager. The manager has a set time in which to respond to complaints and should try to resolve whatever it is before it is elevated to PALS ( Patient Advice and Liaison Service). I've heard this organisation written off as 'useless' and 'ineffective' but on the two occasions I've had interactions with it, my complaints were very much taken seriously and dealt with.

Don't let yourself get upset and frustrated by a system you have little faith in. It's up to us as patients to keep pushing for the levels of care we need, and to highlight the troubles we are having with it. If we choose to 'drop out', an overburdened system will just heave a sigh of relief that there's one less appointment to worry about. So please give it a bash!

I echo everything that Callendersgal has said, you should be entitled to hospital transport at least, even though you'd normally make your own way there, if you were given a sensible appt time.

When I went to Southmead 2 weeks after my fall I was told it was healing nicely I could either be discharged on that visit or have another appt in 6 weeks time then be discharged and that's the option I've gone for as I'd rather have the appt then cancel, but I was told that even after discharge I can always get GP to arrange another appt if necessary

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I totally agree with Callendersgal and Jennymary, please push to be seen at a more convenient time for you and with transportation arranged. Don’t let them win secrets, you deserve good treatment so make sure you get it. Contact your GP again and explain the situation. Wishing you well. Xxxx

Did they not put a phone number on the letter for you to arrange for the non emergency ambulance to come and pick you up as that's what they're there for those who can't go to hospital appointments themselves?

It's frustrating though isn't it when things are short notice!

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