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Free For All on Friday

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Hello again on another Friday morning. Hope everyone is doing OK and sending special good wishes to anyone who has joined the community this week.

It’s another Free For All today, so please post whatever you like that meets our community guidelines, but once again my own thoughts are with caring, and today I’d like to give a special warm greeting to all of you who are looking after loved ones with brain injuries.

Quite often we get caught up here in the community with dementia of various kinds, as it’s such a common condition in older age, but I am aware that there are those of you who are dealing with other conditions too and I know that one of these is brain injury.

During the week, while browsing online, I happened to land on a really good Australian website dealing with this. It's called ‘Synapse’ and covers so many aspects of brain injury, really clearly. Some of the information given is geared towards Australia but it also has lots of general information too.

If any of you would like to take a look it’s at and it includes aspects of the special challenges of caring for someone with brain injury.

Generally speaking, other than getting my hair cut quite drastically (it had got really long and unruly), it's been a pretty mundane week in most respects.

There was a rude awakening yesterday morning when the door buzzer went really early and it was the delivery of a chest of drawers which we weren't expecting till next week. We had nowhere to put it as we haven’t disposed of the old one yet so it was a really disorganised start to the day! We’ve managed to lodge it in a corner for now and will have to sort it all out over the weekend!

How about all of you? I guess that anyone who has young people around them will have seen them going off for a new school year and I wish them all well. I’ve seen lots of pictures on social media of my small-fry relatives looking smart and proud in their brand new school uniforms and setting off for their first day.

Well, please let us all know how it went for you this week, good or bad and here’s to a relaxing weekend, if we can! Take care everyone.

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Morning everybody.We have not been too well. I have some kind of stomach problems and Jim's catheter been playing up again.

Not had a tummy bug for years. Seems never ending.

The recent heat has made it worse I think. Gave us both a covid test to check it was not that. Both clear.

Keep feeling hungry but when I have got the food in front of me I can't eat it.

Had to get the Nurses in to change Jim's catheter again. She had trouble getting it out. Nightmare.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Lynd

Oh that sounds horrible Lynd! I hope it will clear up quickly for both of you. (I suppose at least you have the reassurance of negative covid tests. That's something to be glad for). What a nuisance with Jim's catheter again too. I remember your having problems in the past. But it does all sound nightmarish and I hope things will improve all around soon. Thinking of you both. 🙏

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Lynd in reply to Callendersgal

Always having problems with it.

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Jennymary in reply to Lynd

Hope you feel better soon x

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Lynd

Hope you’re feeling better soon Lynd and your husband will be doing better also xxx

This week for me has felt like one long never ending appointment as I had an interview in Newport on Monday, an interview at university hospital on Wednesday, a phone interview for a secretary job on Wednesday afternoon and a phone interview yesterday afternoon for a sales job!

Monday lunchtime I was having my lunch and received a phone call from a place demanding I do a phone interview with them that hadnt been booked so I told them no and that I was no longer interested in the job!

It's like me turning up at their offices unannounced and then demanding I am seen NOW when they do that!

Wednesday evening I had just got back from collecting my prescription and it was 6pm and the phone went and someone else demanding I do a phone interview and I had said politely now's not a good time and they had kept on and I had said how I was no longer interested in their job and said bye and had put the phone down on them and hubby was in and had clapped and cheered and had said good for me for having told them no and the sky hasn't fallen in!

Last night my friends all said good for me for having told those places with the unexpected phone interviews to get lost and how they think doing that is a reflection of how a place treats it's staff and that I was right in having told them to go away!

Today I have made an appointment with myself to have some time out and self care which I feel is warranted and I will be raring to go on Tuesday when I have my next interview as myself and my sister in law are off out together next Monday as we missed each other this week and will probably go into the city centre for a catch up and I have made an appointment with myself for next Wednesday for an afternoon slot at the lido which I always enjoy and next Thursday is a phone interview and a video interview as well and Friday is an early interview for a part time job at the university hospital.

Baby is well and has got over being insulted last week when one of my friends said that she is shaped like a pumpkin due to getting too many spoils after I said if we do get another ginger tabby it will be called pumpkin due to its markings!

Another lesson I have learned is that very little needs to be done NOW and most matters can safely wait.

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

Good for you Catgirl, you’re very wise xxxx

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

Thing is interviews and jobs are just part of life not the be all and end all of life!

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Hi Callendersgal, quite a quiet week as grandchildren back at school but I visited A&E yesterday for me not Pete. I had a bad night with palpitations which were still ongoing Thursday morning so I contacted 111 online. Ten minutes later a nurse rang, asked some questions and decided I needed to go to the hospital. I had a slot booked for 9/9.15 so it was a dash to get ready and get there.

I stayed in A&E for nearly four hours because I had to wait for blood test results but was well looked after. Poor Pete had to wait outside but luckily our daughter came down to keep both of us company.

Anyway, the ECG showed atrial fibrillation so I may be prescribed an anti coagulant. Having another ECG at the health centre this afternoon as they’ve had no info from the hospital. All good fun.

Have a great weekend everyone. Take care. Xxxxx

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

That's it the blood tests in a and e take ages to be reported don't they?

I take a modern anticoagulant which is no bother after I had blood clots in my lungs back in 2017.

Had a visit to the local pub this lunchtime and it was nice going to the bar to order like it was pre pandemic.

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

The blood test results took ages but I was happy to wait. I’m pleased your anti coagulants work well for you. Glad you enjoyed your lunch. Xxxx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Oh gosh sassy59 , another candidate for the AF club! So sorry as I know how it is to live with. Yes, quite likely you may be prescribed an anti coagulant but the new ones are really easy to deal with.. Fingers crossed that if it’s found to be necessary you’ll be a candidate for one of those.

It sounds as if you’ve been very stoic about it all so well done you as it can be quite scary until you know what it is. I’m glad you had your daughter for support!

Your turn to be taken care of for a little while! 👍🙏💖😀 xxx

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you Callendersgal, I thought of you yesterday. Thank you for your reassurance.

Pete’s looking after me as best he can for now. Lol xxxx👍😀💕❤️

I am going nowhere looking for a partner in languages so stopped for now. I will investigate this more next week. In the meantime I really have to start looking for a job and have a massive overdue clear out of all my old books for the local charity shops. Wish me luck. I applied to a law firm late yesterday afternoon still awaiting a reply after seeing a job advert in a newspaper whilst out doing food shopping.

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Very best of luck with your job hunt thara9643. Meantime it's good to have a good clear out, especially of books. They do mount up don't they? Mine do anyway!

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