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Hi everyone, just to say that I've had to remove a recent post from a member who is a student and was asking for assistance with a dissertation.

It contravened HU rules because we take your safety and well-being very seriously and we have no way of ascertaining the credentials of the person who posted. So if you'd been considering responding and wonder where the message is, it has just been removed.

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Thank you for letting us know Callendersgal. Xxxx

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FredaE in reply to sassy59

when i was doing my dissertation back in th day i asked a lot of people for help. Wastw really as it was not worth their time. it is good to help but if you have limited time and and energey do not feel guilty about not helping

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to FredaE

Thanks FredaE. I figured it would be one of many requests made for help, and for many people it is an intrusion that's not welcome. And as a community, it's important to protect members from what might not, after all, be a genuine request. The problem with the easy and anonymous access we have to each other nowadays is that it sometimes comes with the risk of disingenuity.

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