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Why is it so important to be so called "matured" in society?

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There are times. Times when I can't hold it in anymore. Can't help asking myself that am I really right or not. Can't help but think how can people be so resistant. Maybe they really ARE matured? Maybe some people are matured. Or maybe it's just me who's hiding a baby inside myself. In times when I'm confident enough about myself I can say that I'm just like this, babylike nature isn't a crime right.. wanting to stay innocent isn't something to be ashamed of right... But in vulnerable times, I feel so suffocated that I think I'm bound with this kind of behaviour that society can't accept. How can we live feeling free about ourselves in a society that doesn't permit us to stay there being ourselves? How can I escape this?...

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You can be yourself and not worry too much about what others think. You’re young so enjoy being young, some people are mature even at a young age but many aren’t even when much older. Just be you and any true friend or acquaintance will be very privileged to know you. Don’t dwell too much on things. Take care xxxx

As someone with a wife who at even what is considered a mature age. She still is a Big Kid at heart, I would not wish her to be any other way. Don't be in rush to mature, enjoy every precious moment

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Of course, I'm not in rush to be matured. In fact I LOVE the way I'm childish but I find that people not only don't feel the same but also find it annoying or irritating or so so. My self-esteem hurts and these leads to stress and depression too. I never want my most loved side by myself to be the cause of my misery but life doesn't go as your wish right? I can't cherish the part I feel the most special.

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Hi Lover-girl,Here's what I think about this. You are still quite young, and as such you are entitled not to need to feel mature. But for most young people they can't wait to be thought of as mature, and to be treated by others as being 'grown-up'. But for some young people it's a scary prospect, thinking of having to make your own decisions about almost everything that you do.

You may not always feel the way you do now. As you grow in age and confidence you might find that one day you wake up feeling that your parents or guardians aren't right after all and that you know the better way for you to make your way in life.

And imagine if no-one wanted to be mature. We'd have no teachers, doctors, engineers or advisors, and society would become weaker and weaker. We can't always depend on other people to do our thinking for us.

But there's no rush. People mature little by little and we all have our own speed. So I think it's something we should think about maybe doing, but in our own time.

Lots of love and blessings for you for your kind and precious advice always.🥺💜💜

Maturity will happen on its own time. But it’s also important not to lose who you are to conform to what society deems as appropriate. Remember when you were a little child and had all that energy and curiosity? That is immensely useful. Bottle that up. Don’t lose it

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Lover_girl in reply to Kainan_li

Exactly. I also think of childhood as that. That energy and positiveness can blow away the bad things. But so called maturity of society destroy that hopefulness for world. Even children themselves aren't cherished properly anymore in this age.

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