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A little out of place

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For off-topic Friday: Jacqui (my wife) gave me some water-soluble graphite pencils and graphite paints recently. Wishing to see what I could do with the pencils, I painted and drew this picture. Jacqui tells me the dandelion clocks are out of place, the sunset being straight out of the Caribbean. Oh well. It was wonderful fun to paint. I used the graphite paint, mixed with some ordinary watercolour paint, for the water at bottom right. The airborne dandelion seeds were made by sprinkling salt on the almost dry watercolour paint. We let the dandelions in our garden grow rampantly, by the way. It is dock leaves and nettles that I do not tolerate.

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I like the ethereal look of the painting Brent. It’s good to try something different. Xxx

Another beautiful picture, perhaps they're leaning around a corner to see if their friend Brent is in his way 😎🌹🌾🥀🌻

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So pretty BrentW. With apologies to Jacqui I'm going to have to disagree with her. Whilst yes, that is a sunset reminiscent of the Caribbean, art is often about combining the unlikeliest of subjects and having fun with them, and I think it's good to give in to the freedom to do that. I think that sometimes, the bigger the adventure with subjects and mediums, the bigger the impact of the outcome! Love it!

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BrentW in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you, Callendersgal. That is very encouraging. I wonder what an Arctic sunset looks like. This is a fragment of another of this week's paintings, of a hazy Welsh sky long after sunset. I like that time of day, with its muted colours and gentle quietness.

Hazy Welsh sky

such gorgeous colours and effects