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From today's art class on Goldster, a drawing of a couple of mushrooms. It was a fun subject -- and simple too! I am not sure I would want to convert it to a painting though.

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Very nicely drawn Brent. Thank you for sharing. Xxx

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FredaE in reply to sassy59

doesn't need to be convertd to a painting ...... its lovely as it is

Beautiful. Well done.

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I love them Brent and they have that ethereal quality of a drawing from a lovely children's book. I was almost expecting some 'little people' to pop out from underneath them. I think what would be a nice study is a pencil drawing with a delicate watercolour wash which I think you'd achieve to perfection!

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BrentW in reply to Callendersgal

I love the idea of these being home to Little People, Callendersgal. I might just try your suggestion too, me being given to delicate washes (not matter how I try for bolder ones).


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