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Feeling strange

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Hi everybody. I would like to say that I have not been feeling my normal self for the past week. Last Wednesday I remember going out to a little event and it was really hot and in the afternoon I had a piece of cake and a little fruit drink and some tea.

I came back home in the early evening and as soon as I got home I went to bed because I was quite tired, then woke up a few hours later and I felt really funny and not myself. I felt light headed, a bit dizzy and a tired feeling and like a ringing noise in my head

I have been feeling like this ever since. I don’t know what it is, I have had two COVID jabs so I don’t think it’s that.

Would appreciate a lot anyone has any ideas or similar symptoms. I’m quite anxious and I’m worried about it. Just hope I can get feel my normal self soon. Looking forward to seeing your reply.

Thank you

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Hello James, it might help you to feel calmer if you took a covid test. You can get the lateral flow tests easily or take the other test at a test centre. It may put your mind at rest.

Otherwise contact your GP and explain how you’re feeling. Perhaps you’d been sat in the sun for too long. Better to phone your doctor I think just to be sure.

Do let us know how you get on and feel better soon. Xxx

I suffer with Tinnitus ,like buzzing and ringing in both ears , makes me feel quite dizzy at times , Doctor gave me procolperazine , you put one tablet under you're top lip and let it melt , also drink plenty of water ,mine got worse after having 2 ND Covid jab , also have noise in background , like tv or radio to take your mind off it , hope that helps ?

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to 5855

Hi 5855, I have tinnitus too but more of a hissing sound like a water tank filling up. I have hearing loss because of it. I don’t take anything but manage it myself. You’ve given good advice and I find background noise helps. Nighttime is worse but doesn’t stop me sleeping. I do understand what you’re going through and hope your reply helps James too if that’s what he has. Take care. X

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Hello James, I think that sassy59's advice to take a covid test is the best possible. It doesn't do us any good to be worrying about something constantly, and especially when there is a way to settle our thoughts, or put us on a course of action because of the outcome. It's always best to know. The symptoms you've described are common to several things which can make us feel low when we are beginning to 'come down with something.' Why not take the wise step and find out exactly what that something is?

Advice flow is the lateral flow James. Don't try to guess what it may be, you will only worry and that can make things feel worse. Could be something simple like vertigo (I get that quite regularly when I get too hot/crick my neck) so contact your gp and get yourself sorted lad!

Sounds to me like you may have had an attack of Labrinthitus and / or tinnitus , have u had a heavy cold or flu like symptoms as well , I suffer with these and it's usually spring and summer it's bad when pollen high or crop cutting happening , Doctor can help , you can get pills called Proclorperazine from him you put one under your top lip and it slowly melts , with tinnitus you need some background noise on , TV or radio but must admit , it got bad after 2nd Covid vaccination , and it does get on your nerves

Sorry James didn't look to see I've already answered this ,

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