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A sensible tree

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I fill some of my free time painting watercolours. I am taking the opportunity of the allowing of 'off-topic' postings here to share one of my efforts with you. This painting I did with my father, he painting the leaves to the left, me to the middle and right. It is a tree along a lane near home, although I have taken the liberty of putting it in the middle of a field. I call it a sensible tree because it has the sense to lean downwind. Isn't there a saying about game fish swimming upstream and sensible ones swimming down. I have yet to learn to be sensible.

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That’s a very good looking tree BrentW and I get a sense of the wind. You and your father have quite a talent. Thank you for sharing. X

Thanks for sharing.. Very nice painting (water color or gauche?) Sense and senibility, I have found generally come by way of introspection and awareness . Easy to say, but it takes some time, patience and practice. It's about comiting to yourself to get sorted out. It's work, some get it some don't

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What a lovely joint enterprise BrentW and a very lovely 'sensible' tree. I love looking at trees which have adapted to their growing situations. I think it's lovely to not always be too sensible though. A lovely painting!

I loved the painting. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing.

have you painted many others together.

what a wonderful idea

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BrentW in reply to FredaE

We haven't painted much together yet, Freda. This was painted while my dad was demonstrating techniques to me, he being a far more more experienced painter than me.

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