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Monday Round-up

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Hi everyone,

That seemed like a quickly passing weekend, even though I have to admit I haven't done the slightest thing for the good of myself. And I did promise that I'd go out somewhere pretty and enjoy the sunshine. I find that in the evenings when I seem wide awake and full of plans, I think up all sorts of outside diversions, and come morning I am filled with the spirit of 'can't be bothered'. I think it must be some kind of post lockdown syndrome! So now I'm trying to make myself go out a little bit and working up to the bigger things.

For those who have come to the community in the past week, welcoming you warmly and do do pitch in with any worries, questions or suggestions you may have. Sometimes we seem quiet but, in the background, we have some wonderful members with all sorts of caring experiences, who can help in many ways.

I've been wondering about those of you with gardens over the weekend. It's been lovely weather for getting outside for gardening and I wondered if any of you have taken any photos of your efforts or your emerging gardens after that horrible locked down winter.

I (and I'm sure many of us) would really enjoy seeing them if you'd care to post.

I'd just like to draw attention to the niggling thoughts I've been having about the increasing use of e-scooters in situations where it could impact on vulnerable people who are elderly or in need of care and assistance from others.

Our city now has officially approved e-scooter rental stands around town, ostensibly to be used in the newly installed cycle lanes and are intended to allow for people to get around more quickly without using fossil fuels.

Fine and dandy except that few restrict themselves to the cycle lanes, or take any care when they do. So if you are a bit frail, older, or need extra help from a carer, please keep your eyes and ears well tuned for these dangerous things, if you live anywhere where their use is increasing.

And also, please hold on to your bags, as it's the work of a moment to snatch one and be away at speed before you could say 'boo to a goose'.

What's happening for you all this week? I believe that, from today, for those who are in Scotland, you get to enjoy even more freedoms, so I'm sure some of you there will be longing to do some of the more usual things we all enjoyed once.

Have a great week and stay well and safe!

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Last week I went up to my local shops, and it coincided with coming out of school time, about 7 or 8 kids on normal scooters came in my direction, I pressed myself against a wall for social distancing, they went off the pavement to avoid me, and some even said thank you to me for keeping out of their way, really shocked about how well behaved they were

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Jennymary

That’s nice they did that Jennymary. Xxx

I had a much better weekend -a ride out in the sun without being kicked on friday morning

& on saturday from 12pm saturday to 12 pm sunday i watched a 24 hour music marathon on online platform twitch hosted by various DJs raising money for 2 charities -epilepsy action & st johns air amulance

in memory of the mother of a 7 year old girl whose mum died of epilepsy everyone including those who joined in the live stream chat thoroughly enjoyed themselves

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Sara_2611

Sounds like a good weekend Sara. Xxx

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Sara_2611 in reply to sassy59

yes it was a good one

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Sara_2611

That was a very well spent weekend Sara_2611. I was delighted to hear about the charity fund raising effort. Very worthwhile! And of course you'll have been so happy to be able to ride.

Horses are great friends as well!

Yes they can be - when i had my own years ago we were very good friends too

it was great

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Hi Callendersgal, we had a good weekend but it did pass by very quickly. We didn’t go anywhere as the weekends are too busy.

Welcome to anyone who’s joined the forum. This certainly is a caring place to be.

I will take photos of our garden when we have some summer bedding as it will look better then. It would be nice to see some garden photos. Might give me some ideas.

Don’t think we have e-scooters around here but haven’t visited anywhere like Chichester which might allow them. They seem a pain really unless people are sensible but.......?

Our grandson who’s nearly 9 started his new school today. He’s now at a school closer to where our daughter and family now live. His mum and Uncles used to go there and I worked in the kitchens. Funny how life seems to be on repeat at times.

Dentist for me tomorrow so not very exciting but needs must.

Have a great week all and stay safe and well. Xxxxx👍🤗🥰

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

Best of luck at the dentist!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

Thank you Catgirl. Xxx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Great news that your grandson has started his new school sassy59. Was he nervous about it? I bet he'll soon fit in fine in any case. At least lots of the family are familiar with it, and you're right. Often life does seem to circle around. I wonder if Chichester would allow e-scooters? I wouldn't be at all amused if it was anywhere in the pedestrian area, for sure, as it's a great place to stroll around without them! I do think they are a pain unless someone's going to police their use properly, which I doubt! Good luck with your dental appointment. Not something to look forward to, for sure!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you Callendersgal, our grandson was fine and yes rather nervous. He’s happy to get at his new school.

I’m hoping Chichester wouldn’t allow e-scooters as it wouldn’t be a good idea.

I’m not looking forward to the dentist but need a checkup. 🤭

Take care xxxx

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

Glad to hear your grandson was fine at his new school!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

Thank you for your kind reply Catgirl. He’ll soon make some friends I’m sure. Xxxx

Yes I have found myself how life circles around as well.

I had a nice day out on Saturday in Weston meeting up with my friends that I haven't seen since September last year and they were very kind and caring to me when I spoke about my bereavement last week and how now the shock has worn off I feel full of anger and resentment and they were very understanding and said to me about taking things a day at a time and well done for having made the effort to have come out and how they feel i am doing really well and how its still early days.

Last Sunday and Monday I was shocked but it was on Tuesday when the anger and resentment flared up but it has helped to talk things over!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Catgirl1976

It really is good to talk Catgirl and I’m pleased you enjoyed your day out in Weston. Xxx

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Hi Catgirl1976, glad you had a meet up with your friends after so long, and that they've been able to support you. One day at a time is the best way I think!

Thats what they said to take my time and one day at a time for now.

I have an interview on Friday as I decided there's nothing to lose by trying and the worst thing there is not getting the job and the world won't end if I don't.

They said to me how when blows strike like bereavement they feel like the world has ended no matter if it was expected or not.

They feel I will be ok in time and how yes the world did end when I got that news the world that I had known for all that time as things change after a bereavement for good and bad.

We have been in contact by phone and video call but it was nice having a regular meet up on Saturday and that was the first time I had done a full day out since February last year and I survived!

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Catgirl1976

I honestly don't think we are ever prepared for anyone's loss. No matter how ill they might have been, or how bad the prognosis, somehow it's just very human to hope against hope that it won't happen. I'm glad that Baby has been able to comfort you in your loss and wishing you all the best for your job interview on Friday. Fingers crossed!

French mainly, walks into town and Milo

How is Milo getting on?

Baby is well and been a comfort to me since my recent bereavement.

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