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Friday round-up

Hi and a happy Friday to you all.

Well maybe not the happiest of Fridays, as just about all of us are now back in lock-down. I certainly found it much harder to contemplate this time, but now day one is behind me, I'm settling back into a routine that's really only a little bit quieter than it was before, given that life was quite restricted anyway. I hope you are all coping OK and with less of the practical problems there were first time around with shopping for those shielding, etc.

Like last time the weather seems to be treating us kindly to cheer us up a bit. What lovely crisp autumn days we've had here this week. It's a joy to go out in. Probably my most favourite time of the year. Which season is your favourite?

On a personal level, my sister had her op on Monday, and although she's still in pain of course, it's less now that her fractures have been reduced, and my nieces are caring for their dad, so everything's under partial control for now anyway. That's the thing with crises. They send us into a flat spin for a while, but once everyone's been able to have a think and put a bit of a plan in place, we usually manage to navigate what's been thrown in our path. I decided not to call for a day or two, to give them all a bit of space and just said to call me if I was needed.

I did a bit of experimental baking this week and made a pound cake using condensed milk that I found on the internet. Wow! That was a success and I'll be doing it again for sure. It was really simple and quick and tasted delish. It's really easy to find a similar recipe by typing 'condensed milk cake' into any search engine, so if you'd like to try it too, I won't bore you with the details as I'm sure you'll find a similar one easily.

So, wishing you all a safe and happy journey through lockdown and if you do start to struggle, please come and share it here, as a trouble shared really is a trouble halved.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend as best you can. Take care 💕

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Hello Callendersgal, what a beautiful day it is here. Our neighbours have had their trees trimmed and they look very smart (trees not neighbours). Autumn is my favourite time of year, I love the colours and the fact it’s not winter. Our daughter enjoyed her birthday yesterday and we did FaceTime so sang to her whilst she blew her candles out. All very nice.

I’m pleased your sister is in less pain now and on the road to recovery. Thank goodness your brother in law is being well cared for and things are generally being sorted out, at least for now.

Have a great weekend all. I’m off to find that condensed milk in the back of the cupboard and a recipe. Thank you.

Take care and stay safe. Xxxx💜💖❤️👍

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Glad your daughter had a good birthday sassy59. So many happy occasions have been muted this year but we do the best we can!

I'm giggling here at the thought of your neighbours being 'trimmed and now looking very smart'. Not one leaf to be found on 'my' tree now, but I have to say that I now have full access to nosiness for the winter and that's a joy in its own right! 😊

Hope you enjoy that cake! 👍😊🧁🍰🥮💕xxx

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Hiya Callendersgal Its not a happy friday for me I wouldve been horseriding this morning had it not been a second lockdown - the farm closed it to customers until 2nd december so Ive got no riding to go to

everytime I see that lloyds bank advert i just cry & cry

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It's upsetting isn't it when something you look forward to gets cancelled and there's not a thing you can do about it as I have had plenty of upsets over cancelled events myself over these last few months.

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Im furious that the younger generation have caused this lockdown which in turn has caused the stables to say theyre closed to customers until december 2nd - (like most people) I feel my enjoyment has been taken away from me -particularly as its a stables that I used to ride past everyday during the 70s 80s & 90s when I had my own horse & used to by his feed from them & know the surrounding lanes well

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I like horses as well as they make great friends same as dogs and cats do.

The younger generation didn't exactly help matters in the way they behaved did they but they are a reflection of the selfish society that they were brought up in behaving like that.

I was upset myself that my usual enjoyable things were taken away but I decided to fight back and put new ones in their place as no way was I sitting around upset turning myself into one of life's victims!

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Sorry for your disappointment. Times are tough right now. Hopefully this lockdown will be shorter than the last one.

Yes nice weather, glad that your sister is doing better, I just had done CT of my chest abdomen and pelvic, hopefully with God help my chemotherapy is working, enjoy your weekend God bless you

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You too PLASEM and I hope you have the best possible outcome from your chemo!

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sassy59 in reply to PLASEM

Hoping your results are good PLASEM. Take care xxxx

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Best of luck with your scan results!

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