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Monday morning round-up


Good morning all,

How has your weekend been? I know time can hang heavily especially when you are caring for someone with limited cognition.

It seems to me that all the daily things we have to do are taking more and more time. Disinfection routines, sourcing groceries and hand washing seem to take up a lot of the day.

I can't say I'm doing much of the things I thought I'd be doing, like crafts, but I have been reading a bit more. How's everyone else filling each day? And has anyone read anything particularly interesting, on any topic. I'm always looking for new sources for myself.

It was so lovely to see those garden pictures, posted this week so thanks to sassy59 and klr31. It was really cheering and also so nice to have a sense of your surroundings. (Hope you both don't mind, but I have a peek at your gardens now and again, to remind me of how it is to be outside in a green space).

Well, off we go at the start of another week. Please try as hard as you can to remain positive and remember this will all come to an end one day. I hope that most of the needs of the people you are caring for are being met as much as is possible.

Love to you all. 🌸

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I'll try to send some more photos.

Karen x

CallendersgalModerator in reply to klr31

Lovely, thanks Karen! 👍💕


Thank you Callendersgal, we had a good weekend all things considered. Our daughter delivered our shopping to the doorstep and we now have a delivery slot with Asda so dear daughter can focus on her own family. I’m sure we can help out too if needed, shopping wise.

I’m pleased you like the garden. It’s only small but we do appreciate it so much.

I do like to read and I’m still having a good old sort out. I also watch and listen to Dr. John Campbell on You Tube. Someone kindly puts a link up on HU lung site. I don’t always listen to everything but he’s very factual.

Just done some exercise with Mr. Motivator on bbc health check programme which is good fun.

I hope you’re keeping well and happy.

Stay safe everyone. Xxxx

CallendersgalModerator in reply to sassy59

Thanks sassy59, I'm pleased you are getting on OK. Especially with shopping, as that can cause so much stress. Family and friends can be of so much help and I definitely appreciate mine, even though they are mostly quite far away. It doesn't make so much difference at the moment, given we can't visit anyway!

Continue to stay safe and well, along with Pete too, and I wish you a successful and happy week ahead. xx🌈🌸

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you Callendersgal, you take care xxx 💝🌻🌹


Im doing my best -putting into practice the advice I give to smokers which is YES I CAN -but in my case (& in everyone s case as well) is keeping positive under the circumstances

Colouring, sewing watching equestrian on the internet (thats for my interest) (equestrian I mean)

My mum does my shopping for me at the weekend -& goes wearing her mask & latex gloves & I make sure Im up & about to receive it


That sounds so upbeat and positive Sara_2611. Keep up the good work and I'm trying to follow suit myself! 🦋

Both Davids daughters and mine live abroad so we made a lot of plans for food that will keep in case the cross country power lines fail. We did our hoarding weeks before anyone else when it did not matterI am very fond of a nice pud and the success has been meringue nests which keep for weeks inthe packet with a chopped up pear and ginger from a jar with the juice thickened with arrowroot....cornflour will do the job but it is cloudy.. frozen raspberries with lemon juice or early rhubarb again with ginger and orange juice.. Only takes afew minutes. easy to eat and full of VitaminC and you can add thick cream if you are trying to load in more calories

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