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Power of Attorney: something to watch out for.


Using POA with the person's permission.

I would suggest very strongly that you make a call to the help numbers on any cards to make sure that they have you registered and any deputy.

I bring this up because one of the older relatives recently gave POA to my brother and myself.

I was able to register with the bank quite quickly and was carrying out the wishes of the person; sorting payments and accounts. I had cause to raise a query over a credit card payment and was dealing with this in conversation with the card service people.

This was ongoing when my brother registered his POA.

You can only imagine my surprise when I rang to update them on my progress or lack of only to be told that I am no longer POA and they will not talk to me.

Please be aware that this is possible. The ONLY reason I know about it is because there is an open query with the credit card.

Hope this helps someone else.

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I’m a bit confused as more than one person can have POA. Has your brother just taken over? If you’re both registered then where’s the problem?

Sorry I’m not really understanding things but thank you for posting the information. Xxxx

You are absolutely right.

Not only can more than one person have POA it is recommended by solicitors and the government website.

My brother did not take over. He simply registered with the bank a few weeks after me.

The problem lies firmly with the bank and its systems/internal communication between departments.

sassy59Ambassador in reply to randomphantoms

Thank you for explaining that. The Bank needs to get its act together and apply some joined up thinking. Hope things get back on track very soon. Xxxx

Thanks Sassy

That is why I posted to warn people that it can happen.

As I said I had no idea until I rang to update the credit card people.


Hi randomphantoms,

How really aggravating and frustrating that this happened, and thanks for taking the time to issue this caution to anyone else who may be affected here.

Sassy59 has already said that of course it's quite possible to have joint POA and I hope that in your own case you managed to sort it out with those concerned. If not I'd ask a solicitor, or maybe CAB to write a strongly worded letter, explaining that of course it's absolutely legal to have a joint POA. And for anyone else to do as you suggest and check first, to avoid being caught in the same situation. Very best wishes.

some banks will generate problems if the PoA is joint rather than joint and several and their systems may not allow for use of credit cards etc that are operated by a single individual in this case - a problem that my brother and I have encountered in relation to my mother. If the PoA was joint and several then the bank needs to get its act together - and they should be issuing yourself and your brother with cards to use on the account - if it was a joint power of attorney they can refuse to issue any cards usable by yourself and your brother on the grounds that these could be used singly rather than jointly.

Suggest you also speak to Citizen's Advice - you can probably do it on line.

Thanks everyone.

The wording is "jointly and severally".

The bank has not issued any additional cards but has provided a card reader for both my brother and myself.

Both the local branch manager and myself have raised complaints with the bank.

I have the debit card and the " donor" does all their spending on their credit card.

The main point I was trying to make is just because you get a letter from the bank to say that they have registered you don't trust it.

oh dont mention POA ..I have been left in a right pickle after the solicitor got dates wrong and now I cant do a thing ,I cant make a new POA because of my partners reduced health.

Get to CAB and seriously consider going for the solicitors jugular.

Past family experience tells me that you can get POA even in your situation but it is a long hard and ,can be, expensive slog.

First point of call has to be your husband's GP.

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