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Mum with Alzheimers and no Power of Attorney


Hello everyone

This is my first post. We have applied for continuing health care but have been told as my mum doesn't have a Power of Attorney we cannot go further. Any advice would be appreciated.


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I live in Australia so cannot advise on any real details for you. However it depends on if she has been officially diagnosed by a doctor or not and if she can talk or show that she is capable of making an informed decision. It depends on the progression of the disease. If she hasn't been officially diagnosed and if she can still communicate then you may be able to have her sign an Enduring Power of Attorney. It needs to be "enduring".

If she has been diagnosed but is still mentally capable then the doctor may be able to say that she is mentally capable in deciding about an Enduring Power of Attorney and still have her sign if she is agreeable. Check out the details for this. Here, a Justice of the Peace has to stamp and sign it. However if she hasn't signed an Enduring Power of Attorney and can no longer do so, then that usually means that the state/government takes control of all her money and decisions over her care when she is unable to. This is unfortunately very difficult. I hope that you can get some help. A relative, friend, priest/pastor may be able to give you some good advice and help you. Is your father still alive? This may help. What about your other siblings?

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Hi Tugun

Thanks for taking the time to reply. My was diagnosed about two years ago. My father died over 25 years ago. Mum has no savings or property as she has always been looked after her children since my dad passed. Not really sure where to go from here.

Tugun in reply to St12

Hi, It's good to see that you have some excellent advice here and places such as the Citizens Advice Bureau to seek help. Wishing you, your mother and your siblings all the best.

if you are in the UK then may be the Citizens Advice Bureau can help.

you can apply to the court but I really don't know what the process is.


Oh this is going to be a long process for you. You will need to apply to the Court of Protection to get a PoA if she is unable to sign it herself. It is complicated, unfortunately it will be best to get a solicitor to do it for you which will not be cheap. You could have a word with her social worker and see if they have someone who could help you. Good luck with this.

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I will definitely look into this. Thank you.


Speak to the citizens advice bureau and be prepared for a long drawn out process.

I wish you well. Xxxx

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I think that will be my first port of call.. thank you.


Hi St12, A very warm welcome to our forum and I hope we can offer some useful help. I see that you've had some replies already, so I'll just add my own suggestion, given that this is a complex situation for you.

I wonder if you have tried the Beacon website? It exists to help people with all aspects of continuing healthcare and encompasses the professional knowledge of several organisations with expertise in this.

When I checked to see if the website was still in operation I was pleased to see that it is, but there is a banner on the home page apologising for some delays due to the numbers of people who make contact, but I still think it would be worthwhile for you to try.

The website is and it also has a telephone number 0345 5480300.

I also think it would be worth getting further legal advice, as exhaustedwife has suggested, but perhaps before doing that, do as several others have suggested and give CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureau) a call, as they are often able to suggest a clear path for you to get the help you need.

Very best wishes.

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Hi Callendersgal

Yes I've been on the Beacon site. I think I'll have to get some advice from CAB too. Social workers not very helpful..

Thank you for replying.

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