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Slide sheets that are left under the patient.?


I have been trying to find the slide sheets which are left under the patient and does away with needing a flat base sheet,but I am flummoxed as to what ones they are,they are covered with a soft material from what I have been told.

It would be a tremendous help when having to move David as he tends to slip down the bed and to get a slide sheet under him on my own is nigh impossible,but if the sheet he was sleeping on was permanent I could easily heave him back into a more comfortable position.

I know these sheets are very expensive,and I would need at least 2,but anything which makes life easier for both of us has to be worth it.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit vague,but its all I have to go on.

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Maybe contact GP, just to get the actual name of the sheet, then you could Google the name to find suppliers/prices etc, good luck

Are these what you are looking for

Have you tried your social services with in local council I know where I work in a home we have contacted the OT Through them and they have provided the soft slings for residents they are left under them due to the softness It meant we are not lift limbs and pulling straps through every time they need to be hoisted The normal slide sheets are nylon but they may be able to provide you with what you need


Hi secrets22,

Have you tried a search online under glide sheets, rather than slide sheets? When I did a search, several possibilities for slightly differing types showed up with prices ranging from around £60 to around £150. As you say, not at all cheap, but if it's something that would make your life easier and your dad's more comfortable, it might be worth going for it.

Very best wishes.

Hello there

Our District Nurses ordered two pairs which were supplied when we had a hospital bed installed. Your OT or nurse should be able to supply them for you.

Good luck


I also had slide sheets provided by my OT when my husband was discharged from hospital. At first we had them to fit our double bed but these were changed for single bed size when it was decided that John needed a hospital bed.

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