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Choices of risk v pain control

Hello I am new to health-unlocked. I am wondering if anyone else is in a similar position to myself?

I have had joint and muscle pain for many years eventually controlled by nsaid's for 15yrs. This enabled me to continue my working life. I was taken off them 5years ago due to the increased risks of heart problems, which run In my family. I have recently requested to be prescribed pain control again as my condition has worsened enough to affect daily living activities in retirement . Following discussion with my GP I have decided that the risks outweigh the joy of being pain free.

I would be interested to hear from anyone else who is affected in a similar way and how it is tolerated.


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Hello Giggog

There is a designated pain forum here..Pain Concern. You are likely to get more advice and help from fellow pain sufferers.over there.

If you go to the top of this page you will see My hub...there is a drop down box which lists all the forums. Or type in Pain Concern and it will pop up.

I think!


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Hi welcome to Healthunlocked forums. If your main problem is Pain control issues then Pain Concern would have more details possibly. However I have more than one illness so am on several sites one being Pain Concern and have similar issue as you, risks often outweigh benefits there are lots of herbal options, plus supports , physio, diet changes, other new drugs and even drugs to lessen the risks. But one thing very lacking is the time for someone to adapt the regime or drugs to meet individual patient need. Sometimes resulting in poor outcome. Good Luck on Pain Concern may see you there in future, Best wishes

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Hi Giggog, As there are many healthy alternive routes, it is helpful exploring affordable options depending on the cause of pain. My painful arthritis in shoulder & hands are relieved by correct exercise, High strength glucosamine & chondroitin & high strength Evening Primrose oil tablets. I take a good multivitamin with minerals for over 60's.Important always to check combining certain health supplements with your other meds first. I notice a huge difference in price between my local health shop, Tesco or Asda, Savers & B&M stores! If you research well using google, advice from health store or library books before switching, it all helps. My healthy alternative took 3months to fel a huge difference! Hope you find relief soon.


Thank you for that advice Glyn. I take note on further options. As soon as I can get supplies I think I will participate in more safe options. I used to take alternatives from Health span. I will look into this again. GG


Hi , I suffer with severe Arthritis in my knees and shoulders, and had replacement surgery on my right knee , I still get a lot of pain , but I keep going to work because I feel if I stop moving I'll get worse ☹️

I have found Acupuncture helps and B12 and Magnesium , also every 6months I have a Calcium injection at the Doctor's , you have a blood test 2 weeks before to make sure all ok , so far they've really helped been having them for 2yrs , also changed my diet and have more energy , also the doctor recommended I get B12 and Magnesium , but speak to your doctor , Magnesium and Turmeric tablets are good I had a session with a lady in local Holland and Barrett and made sure Doc okayed them ,

My diet consists of lots of fruit ,and veg : Avocados , Kidney beans, brown rice,Almonds, Spinach. sometimes in really cold weather and done long hrs at work if my ice packs don't work I'll book in a couple of sessions of Acupuncture. Hope this helps x


Thank you. Some of this I already participate in. I take a vitamin B complex daily if only to keep mouth ulcers at bay! There are other things I can look into. I like my greens and avocados are in plentiful supply where I am. Turmeric I cook with too. The magnesium sounds interesting. I have heard of reference to this previously but never pursued it. I shall do so as soon as I can get a supply. Interestingly I've heard of it in reference to sleep. GG


Hi Giggog and welcome to this caring forum.I am sure you will find the previous replies to be helpful. I was just wondering if it may be a good idea for your GP to refer you to a pain clinic where you would be assessed and your pain managed. Many areas in the UK run pain management courses. I have found the following websites which I hope you will find helpful.

Managing Chronic Pain


Pain Clinics


I hope this is helpful and your pain will be managed so that you can enjoy your retirement. Please stay on the forum and let us know how you are getting on. Thank you and best wishes.


Hi giggog would like to recommend turmeric and black pepper which was recommended to me by friend i have joint pain found it very good as unable to take anti inflammatory medication because of medication I'm on found turmeric and black pepper numbs the pain hope you find it useful as I did xxx


Thank you Pole. I have found a supplier of the turmeric and I am going to try this. GG

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