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Attendance allowance.

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My husband gets disability allowance which I believe this includes carriers allowance.

Would I be able to claim attendance allowance as well.

He now has vascular dementia ,so cannot be left alone.

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How long has he been suffering from dementia?

There are a few people who can direct you to where you need to be.

He WasDiagnosed 3years ago. But has been on disability for about 20 years

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sankey in reply to Jamber

my wife swuffers from denentier and also is diabled for over 20 years i aplied for atendecealowance but was told she gets alowance in disablity

Carers allowance is paid straight to the carer not the disabled person, so you could claim carers allowance for looking after your husband in your own name, I had it for looking after my Mum who also had vascular dementia, she was on attendance allowance which is paid to anyone over 65 who needs extra help with dressing feeding etc, so you wouldn't get it in your name, good luck.

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When i claimed carers allow. for my mum her attendance allow. was stopped

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Strange, if you were receiving carers allowance for looking after your Mum, she would have to be on a benefit for you to claim carers in your name, did they change her to another benefit

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She was on higher rate disability - and had attendance allow. When she moved in with me and i claimed carers allow. Stopped her attendance allow. So at time - i got about £60 a week and she lost £86 a week!!

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Have you quiried this, i looked after my Mum who lived with us and she received A/A, And I got the carers all, perhaps it's all changed now, maybe you can't get both high rate disability and A/A, you'd be better off not getting the carers then , doesn't make sense to me👎

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Exactly would not do again - but the said was way to go as pays your national insurance stamp

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When I had carers allowance they accredited me with national ins stamps too, one other thing, I just looked on the website for A/A and it says that " your carer can claim Carers all if you have substantial caring needs" maybe you can't get disability allowance and A/A, maybe check with citizens advice, worth a try

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TRACEY1808 in reply to Gloriasim

Hi I get carers. allowance £62.10 n my mum still gets attendance allowance £86 something so I should look into this lovvie

I have Vascular Dementia and diagnosed in December 2014, I’m on pip and the carers Benefit is taken from the claimants benefits, so the monies I get is less the carers allowance.

Helli Jamber and welcome to the forum. Please have a look at the pinned posts to the right of the screen where you will find some useful information. Best wishes.

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