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Cameras for helping carers?


Hi All, I am a doctor and computer scientist. Some of my colleagues and I are developing a smart camera that could be used to monitor a vulnerable person's wellbeing... For example, it can detect falls and send an alert if one occurs and nobody is around... What do people think about this? I am aware of the issues around privacy, but I am wondering if people would still find this useful despite those concerns... Anyway, any comments welcome

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At 86, I hope I retain all my faculties long enough to protest if someone focuses a camera on me without my permission. I was fortunate that both times I fell last year, nothing was broken. My husband, six years my junior, died four months after falling on a ceramic tile floor in a nursing home and sustaining fractured femur. I cannot say whether a camera would have made a difference in either case.

Hi, I'm 58 with young onset Vascular Dementia, I live alone in sheltered accommodation, my wife is my carer, still under the thumb. Your device or creation, sounds great.

I already use a smart camera. I can monitor from my phone using 4g or wifi which is brilliant. I make sure it is not directed at the commode but manage to view her in bed or in her chair. I have placed it so the carers are aware it is there and although my mum was a bit dubious at first, she is really happy with it now. It also has 2 way audio so I can speak to her if necessary. The other day she couldn't answer her phone so I was able to speak to her through the camera, though it is not very clear.

Privacy isn't a great problem. You wouldn't have the time or inclination to watch all the time, but it is great for checking in occasionally and my mum finds it reassuring to know that 'I am there' as such.

But it is not that reliable and often goes offline, which is really frustrating and I missed her having a fall yesterday as she was just out of sight by the commode! The carer arrived as she fell, so I suppose I would have noticed eventually that she wasn't in her chair. .

Mine is a baby monitor. I think your idea is perfect as there doesn't seem anything on the market that can also detect falls or that successfully works with both 3g or 4g and the wifi. It would definitely need 2 way audio and it would be good if you could direct it remotely,

I hope you get it off the ground as I would definitely be interested.

It sounds fantastic and very much needed, I guess you would need to determine that the person has the capacity to agree or their family as quite intrusive. I think you should model it and get it up and runnig.

Hi, I'm disabled as is my son (history of C + multiple others) Both of us have falls, things are very complex. It would be appreciated if you cold contact me asap as things are difficult. We may be able to help someone else too. I have just joined this blog so don't know if pm is available or I would give you more info. I'm a retired nurse + 2 daughters both nurses who are unable to support us ( Ocular Melanoma with one ) things are hard.

Hi, I did reply to your post.

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