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Help to get my elderly mum active


Hi - I'm new here! I'd really like advice or thoughts about my mum. She's 80, lives alone and has arthritis in her knee and arm and also struggles because she has a hernia that makes life uncomfortable. I feel that the thing she needs most is a bit more exercise but it's really hard to convince her of that! I bout her a rollator a few weeks ago to encourage her to walk but she's very reluctant to try it.

Any thoughts or advice please?



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There are dvds you can purchase on Amazon specifically for the elderly, I have a Tai Chi one which is very good.

Move it or lose it do dvds that are seated exercise which may be suitable. You can purchase them from there website at They also have some helpful advice on exercise for the elderly. Julie will answer any questions you may have.

Hi James

If your mum is up to it, you could suggest a weekly group that is a social excursion but also does 'keep fit' classes for the elderly. There's one where I live in a local church that does 'armchair' fitness and has been quite effective. As well as getting her moving, it surrounds her with people who have similar goals and could motivate her to try more things.


Maybe suggest you go together to her favourite supermarket or other big shop with her rollator so that she is distracted by the shopping task and will probably walk further there than she thinks she can, then perhaps moving on to some short walks around her local area? This will all help to keep her fit and strengthen her knee which will help if she ends up needing surgery.

That's a great suggestion - it's her birthday next week so an easy shopping trip might be just the right idea!

Hope it goes well and your Mum has a lovely birthday whatever she does!

Would she be open to using a pedometer? If the problem is getting to realise she needs more exercise in the first place, then maybe that might help? My mum love hers and has made her really conscious about getting in her 'steps' (might be worth also finding out what is realistic for her as 10,000 might be a push!!)

Thanks - I think a 1000 is more like it but a good suggestion

Hi there, fortunately I'm not in a carers role at the moment, but looked after my Mum who had vascular dementia for many years so I know a little about what other carers are going through. As CharlotteA says I think the idea of getting your Mum to Join a group is really good as it will get her out of the house and help her make new friends as well as keep her mobile which can only do her good. The rollator is a very good idea, go with her a few times until she gets used to using it then I'm sure there'll be no stopping her , good luck

JamesGlover in reply to Mydexter

Thanks - one of her problems is that most of her friends are no longer with us or in a worse position! I think finding a group for her might work though - where can I go to find one?

Mydexter in reply to JamesGlover

I'm sure there are plenty about, does your Mum have a social worker or you could ask at your local Drs surgery , or Church, or carers group, they do classes at our local sports centre, good luck

Thanks everyone for great ideas - sorry it took so long to reply but I didn't realise emails about your posts were ending up in my Spam folder! 😐

My sister has fibromyalgia and getting exercise is a challenge as she is in pretty much constant pain. As a result of joining a support group we found out about a specialist gym therapy charity in our local area and, as well as people with conditions like my sisters, a lot of elderly people with problems with mobility, etc. attend. My sister finds this very useful as it provides exercise as well as companionship as the staff are very friendly, as are the other wide range of attendees. Not sure where your mum is based, but in case it's useful, the West Berkshire Therapy Centre in Thatcham has power assisted exercise equipment designed for people with physical limitations. As it's a charity, attendees make a donation when they can attend, rather than having to sign up/commit to lots of ongoing fees. There may be more of these throughout the country?... they may be able to tell you if you contact them... hope this is useful.

Mydexter in reply to CGourlay

Hi there, unfortunately I have Fybromyalgia too, does your sister belong to the fybro forum on here it's very friendly and helpful.

CGourlay in reply to Mydexter

She doesn't at the moment but I'll mention it to her.

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