Hi everyone, my father is suffering from oesophagus cancer and I stay in India. I want cannabis oil for my father to cure the cancer and need to understand the dosage and how one should give this oil. Please need someone guidance who knows it. Need it asap.

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  • Hi rashmika, first of all, my love and support go out to you and your dad. I was on a similar search for the oil when my dad was suffering from liver cancer. I found a guy named Viki vaurora on Facebook who is leading the fight to legalize medical cannabis. You can reach him at vikivaurora@gmail.com he will give you all the information and the oil too.

    Hope your dad finds the cure in this. Prayers for your family in this tough time.

  • Thank u so much.

  • I can send CBD oil to you

  • I need canabisoil for my mum with 4th stage ovarian cancer Pls send