Writing My Cancer Journey

Why write about the pain and struggle that comes with cancer?

Writing offers you the safety to unearth and express what you think and feel and when you begin to shape those thought and feelings into a story, it helps you make sense of things.

If you live in or around Coleraine area, we are having a series of 5 workshops starting on Thursday 15th October and every subsequent Thursday until 12th November at Coleraine Leisure Centre from 10.00am to 1.00pm

Workshop titles are:

1. Life Before Cancer

2. Diagnosis

3. Treatment

4.After Treatment

5.What Now, What Next?

To book a place in advance, contact the Care Services Secretary

T: 028 9066 3281or Email: care@cancerfocusni.org

2 Replies

  • Sounds really good... wish there was a similar event in the Armagh or Craigavon area in the future.

  • I will make this request to our counsellors in that area for future consideration


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