Breast reconstruction after breast cancer please help!!

Hi so my mum had breast implants and along the years she developed breast cancer. She's been through the stage of surgery to remove the cancer and it's been 3years with ongoing checkup appointments. Before the surgery we discussed breast reconstruction after the surgery. The doctor was extremely kind and helpful and told us everything we needed to know. He informed us that after my mum is clear from cancer and things are fine she's able to have a reconstruction and she was happy with the way things were going. After the surgery my mums doctor changed. My mum doesn't speak english well so i accompany her to her appointments as an interpreter. The new doctor isn't comforting, kind or caring. She's bold, point blank and speech aggressive. The new doctor tells her she's not able to have reconstruction because the risk is higher percentage unless my mum understands the consequences and is happy to proceed. My mum understands the risk and wants to proceed with the surgery but now the doctor says it isn't possible even though its 3yrs. we explained to the gp we're not happy with the doctor if she's able to get referred, so the GP referred my mum to a different hospital but i've just received a letter of a follow up stating

"she states she wants further reconstruction she also states that she was informed at the time that it may not be wise for her to have reconstruction but that her surgeon would discuss this with her at a later stage. Unfortunately she is unable to tell me the surgeon name. I feel that this is an inappropriate referral to the hospital as medically speaking it would be better for her to have any reconstruction or discussion regarding the topic with her originally breast cancer surgeon. O would be grateful if you could therefore refer her back t her initial surgeon which i would do normally but unfortunately i do not have a name. she has been discharged from our care "

I'm kind of lost what to do and she's probably lost too. I want to help my mum because shes been feeling depressed ever since the surgery. She doesn't speak much english so she wouldn't know where to turn. And as her daughter i'd love to help as much as i can to get her back to her happy state. The new doctor said she was going to give my mum a padded bra so her breast would look even whilst she recovers but she didn't help with that too.

Apologies for this long essay but I think I've covered most things. I appreciate anyone who's able to give me advice and help i can take. Thank you

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  • If you live in N.I we at CancerFocus suggest you go back to your Mum's GP and get a referral back to her original breast clinic team to discuss these issues. The Cancer Focus Freephone can be contacted Mon-Frid 9am-1pm 0800 783 3339

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